Simpkins Kenny Ltd always seek to enhance the quality of services that we provide and the efficiency and efficacy of our business. The Construction Industry is responsible for effective and sustainable use of natural resources and we as a company can make significant beneficial environmental impact with efficient and considerate design methodology. We consistently strive for the highest standards in this respect and indeed all aspects of our work.

Simpkins Kenny Ltd wish to continually build on our reputation of being a socially responsible and environmentally friendly company, complying with all relevant legislation as an absolute minimum and will:

  • Adopt policies that will as far as practicable, minimise waste production, energy and transport use.
  • Strive to generate continuing improvement in our activities to reduce direct and indirect adverse effect on the environment, through ongoing training of staff and seek to foster a similar understanding with all of our clients and suppliers.
  • Develop a purchasing and administration policy to minimise the environmental impact of our office operations and facilities.
  • Be aware of the impact of our work on the built and natural environments.
  • Develop methods and procedures to minimise our negative effects on the environment and
  • Endeavour to contribute to good practice and positively consider environmental issues alongside other professional requirements of our practice. This will include (but not be limited to) the use of energy, water and transportation materials including fuel, the production of waste, noise and pollution and the appearance and condition of both the built and natural environment.