Health and Safety

Simpkins Kenny Ltd have an uncompromising approach to Health and Safety. Our industry has one of the worst accident and fatality records of any and this is not only due to the type of work involved, but it has also unfortunately been attributable to past nonchalance towards even the most basic aspects of health and safety. Thankfully attitudes have been changing in recent years, partially due to the introduction of the CDM regulations, which rightly passes an obligation onto us as designers to carry out our work in a responsible manner, but also as a consequence of increased unacceptability on a societal level.

Whilst as a company, we are aware of our professional and environmental obligations, we believe that the welfare of all persons likely to be affected as we carry out our business is of paramount importance and it is for this reason that we operate the following Health and Safety Policy as a minimum Simpkins Kenny Ltd will:

  • Comply with all Health and Safety Legislation that is relevant to our business as a minimum.
  • Positively seek to identify and assess all significant risks to Health and Safety.
  • Eliminate these risks and/or introduce appropriate control measures.
  • Involve and consult all of the stakeholders in our business, especially our employees.
  • Provide effective training to all employees and others under our control.
  • Keep up to date with Health and Safety developments.
  • Continually strive to improve our Health and Safety performance and knowledge.
  • Maintain appropriate Health and Safety records.
  • Provide adequate resources to ensure that our Health and Safety system is implemented.
  • Ensure all of our employees are aware and informed of our Health and Safety System.
  • Ensure that all of our employees comply with the Health and Safety system.
  • Carry out a periodic review and audit regarding compliance with our Health and Safety System.
  • Maintain Health and Safety objectives and performance standards.